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Thursday, February 17, 2011 5:09 PM
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Welcome to VehicleLink.org

We feel regulation is what holds back vehicle innovation!

What Is VehicleLink.org?
We are a nonprofit organization working on the future of transportation. The future of innovation in transportation, we feel, can only be achieved through scale. We propose the DOT allows an "Experimental Amateur Built Vehicle". Similar to what the FAA did for Aviation with it's Experimental Category. The DOT could do the same for U.S. vehicles and their developers.

Why is this important for developers? Today's DOT approved cars, costs automobile manufacturers hundreds of millions dollars for every new design and model. That is why innovation has been slow and expensive. A not for commercial use E A-B V vehicle could still be a very safe car with the proper guidelines. Similar to the SCCA, (Sports Car Club of America), cars have to meet basic build rules.

What we could expect economically:
● Better Aerodynamics saving stored energy ( Fuel, Hybrid and/ or Batteries)
● Lighter vehicles save energy and do less ware to the highways and roads.
● Software and Hardware development for new larger markets.
● A whole new aftermarket world.

Half way between a DOT approved Car and a Motorcycle the Experimental Amateur Built Vehicle.
● 1600 pounds maximum
● 52% Amateur-Built
● 3 or 4 Wheel configuration allowed
● Meet all State Law requirements of a Motorcycle and more: (Head, Brake, Turn Signal Lights, Windshield, Seatbelts

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